BWG - Birmingham Wire Gauge for Iron & Steel Wire USG - US Standard Gauge for Stainless Steel - Linking steel buyers and sellers in the Middle a harmoncollins dual coil that im fooling around with but i cant get it to run decent. starts hard and skips. its 6 volt and im using stock 59a style coils. should i run 1 resistor for both, 1 on each or none? i noticed that 4 cyl fords used NO ballast while the v8s did and since this is like having 2 4 cyl ignitions maybe??Converting Sheet Metal Gauge To Thickness In Inches. Working with sheet metal, as shown in Figure 1, gauge sizes can be confusing at the best of times. Sheet metal gauges work opposite to what one might consider the norm. The smaller the number, the thicker the material. Hence, 4 gauge material is thicker than 6 gauge material.

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